When you sign up for the 3-month weight loss program, you get $100 off your initial consultation. This program includes 6 sessions plus 2 bonus sessions you can use within 6 months after your initial visit. This short and sweet nutrition program will change your eating habits forever for a better you. Not only will you receive your individual nutrition plan, but also you will have a healthier relationship with food and eating and you will better understand how to incorporate any food into your diet.

When you sign up for the 3-month program, you have the option to follow up weekly or bi-weekly. Expiration is 6 months after your initial start date.

This program helps individuals to lose weight effectively and to successfully keep the weight off. This program is designed to help each individual not only to lose weight successfully, but also to establish a healthier mindset, healthier eating and regular exercising habits, which will set the foundation of everlasting good health and improved body composition (more lean vs. fat).

This program will help you identify past and present behaviors and habits that are inhibiting your success, and will help you focus on integrating nutritionally sound dietary habits that are realistic and effective for life.

When you sign up for the 6-month weight loss program, you get $100 off your initial consultation. This package provides dietary and body analysis, nutrition education, personalized meal plans, progress tracking, and lifestyle and skills support over a series of 12 visits plus 4 bonus sessions which can be used within 1 year after the initial start date. These sessions will focus on your anthropometric measurements, including weight, body fat percentage, BMI and waist circumference. Your progress in line with your goals and your nutritional challenges and concerns will be discussed during these follow up sessions.

Couple’s Plan

This program offers a discount for any of the Sugar Land Nutrition packages offered to spouses, family members, partners and friends as an opportunity to experience the education session together while each receiving personalized diet plans. It is a great way to support each other during this journey.

Healthy Eating Program for High School and College Students

This concise nutrition program will help change your teen’s eating habits forever by preparing them to clean up their eating and to make better food choices during their college years and for many years to come. Program includes an initial consultation, nutrition assessment, meal plan and a series of visits, which can be in person, via skype or phone.