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by | Aug 22, 2018 | Articles

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I have been working in the wellness field for many years with consistent, lasting results for my clients. This year, along with a team of forward-thinking professionals, I’m helping launch this extremely dynamic program called Get Fit 21.

GetFit21 is a 21-day metabolic health, fitness and mindset experience that will transform the way you approach your health, your habits and your life. This program will connect you in a private group of like-minded individuals, under my direction and coaching. In this program, you will learn the important elements to develop the mindset crucial for living a healthy lifestyle.

The feedback from this innovative program has been overwhelmingly positive with participants reporting extremely satisfying outcomes. All of my newest challengers (5 out of 5) in my last class lost between to 4 to 10 pounds, lost inches, reduced their body fat and gained lean muscle. The program truly works!

A lot can happen in 21 days:  weight loss, inches lost, better sleep, loss of cravings, muscle toning and motivation to make better choices.

My goal is to educate people to make small changes in their daily habits that can add up to dramatic results after only 3 weeks.

However, this is NOT a diet. This is a program that allows everyone to look at their own goals for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The daily accountability and education teaches you how to make smart choices that support your goal — even after the 21 day program has ended.

Without a doubt, this challenge will get you moving in the right direction while helping you discover new ideas for becoming the healthiest version of yourself!!

If you want to take part, please send me an email at: – and I’ll send you the link to learn more and enroll.

GetFit21 includes valuable resources, such as detailed food guides, simple and delicious recipes and guides to body weight exercises for all fitness levels.
GetFit21 Participants comments include:

“The camaraderie is encouraging and fun.”

“New awareness helps to let go of old habits.”

“Daily accountability inspires new and positive routines.”

“Enjoy increased energy, improved sleep and fewer aches and pains.”

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