Surviving the “Coronavirus 15”

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Here are tips for avoiding the Coronavirus 15

At about this time in the quarantine process, you are probably:

  1. worried about the fact that you’ve done nothing but eat and drink for days
  2. bored, listless, and unmotivated
  3. sad, lonely, and paranoid that you are starting to notice Covid symptoms
  4. all of the above

We get it! That’s why we put together these tips for eating  healthy and exercising your way out of the Coronavirus Slump. 

Eat Fresh and Supplement!  

It’s now more important than ever to cook your own meals with the freshest ingredients because our immune systems rely on nutrient-dense, whole foods to function well. 

Our favorite Dr. Mark Hyman suggests the following:

  1. By limiting sugar and refined starches, your immune system will function better and you will improve your overall health. Too much sugar increases inflammation, stresses your blood vessels and  ruins your body. 
  2. Get adequate protein intake because protein is critical for your immune function and protein malnutrition is a big risk factor for death from infections.
  3. Add garlic, onions, ginger, and spices such as oregano, turmeric, and rosemary to your soups and vegetable dishes as well as dips and sauces.  Garlic and onions offer wide spectrum anti-microbial properties.
  4. Eat multiple servings of colorful fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamin A and C.
  5. Eat fermented foods to support your microbiome and immunity., such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, Tempeh, unsweetened yogurt, and Kefir.
  6. Make your body more alkaline by eating more plant-based foods and lots of them, 5-8 cups a day. Avoid  sugar and processed foods, which tend to make your body slightly more acidic and more receptive to the COVID- 19 virus. 
  7. Drink plenty of fluids, especially warmer fluids to support all your body’s  functions including the immune system. Warmer fluids improve digestion, relieve congestion and even make you feel more relaxed.  
  8. Take the foundational vitamins to help protect your immune system.  You don’t have to go overboard; just be sensible and start with a multivitamin, vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc and fish oil per your MD’s approval.  

Get plenty of physical activity!

We cannot stress enough how crucial movement is during this time. You’ve never needed endorphins more – they motivate you, lift your spirits, and make up for what you are missing through socialization. Activity comes in many forms, including:

  1. Walking! Get outside in the fresh air, take in the blue sky and blossoming trees, and get your blood moving. For a double “feel good” whammy, use this time to pray or reflect on all you are thankful for. 
  2. Replace your usual gym workouts with online video workouts. You can find exercises and entire classes on YouTube, and most require no equipment. If you are a Gym Rat, your gym might be live streaming or showcasing your favorite instructors online.
  3. Get busy at home. Spring cleaning, pool cleaning, washing cars, raking leaves, attacking pollen on all your outdoor furniture – all of these tasks require sweat equity and muscle use. You’ll be surprised at the muscle soreness you experience and will benefit from changing up your normal workout routine.
  4. You’ll also be surprised at how much better you sleep. The more physically active you are during the day, the more restful your night will be. That alone is worth a few living room push ups!
  5. Practice meditation and yoga. Decreasing stress helps decrease your susceptibility to viral infections. Plus, it keeps you calm when that certain family member has spent way too much quality time with you.

Stay healthy, everyone! And feel free to share this post or to add your own tips in the comments! If you are having a tough time managing your weight or you need help with meal planning during these times, reach out to me at:

Patty and Rebecca

Patty is a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Sugar Land Nutrition.

Rebecca a Gym Rat and Sugar Land Nutrition client.

Note: This article is not intended to provide medical advice and any changes should be done in consultation with your healthcare provider.

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